How about the timing. Anyone else get Maximum PC?
Just came in the mail today... a multipage, multi topic SPAM section. Even
an interview with the "SPAM King", which I'm not sure I have the stomach
to read on an empty stomach ;)

Perhaps there could be a method set up with UVM's mail system for more
user directed spam filtering at the front gates. Voctor seems to not let
SPAM bother him much, but next to people who roll through/run red lights
and stop signs, I put SPAMMERS up there as people I hate. Detestable
people who deserve to be publicly brutalized, especially considering how
invalid most of their stuff really is.
I know there are already filters.. bt perhaps some filtering based on
already well established blacklists would be good, since creating recipes
can be a royal pain. ... killemall

What does a SPAMMER get out of sending fake stuff... that doesn't evne
provide the option to "learn more"
[ding: New mail to you! From Jamie Rydell re Give her something bigger]
Gee, I wonder what that will be.
I read my email in pine... I'd HATE to be the sucker who reads it in a
broswer that opens up the html and essentially phones homw to say, "hey
spam-papa, this ijit opened me up... sell this golden address."

Of course, that still won't atop the amazing way that Career Horizons, who
ever they are hes been selling my info as a UVM student, and giving my
WORK phone number to Credit Card companies, even though the only real
connections are my sig and the uvm phone book... ahem!!

What would happen if a student/staff/faculty member of UVM sold lists of
accounts/phone numbers/etc?

(who got 3 spam messages in just the time it took to write this message)
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