At 10:51 AM -0500 12/18/02, Stefanie Ploof wrote:
>1b. Mac OS 8 sunset.
>Dean Williams proposed that the date for ending support of Mac OS 8 be
>moved from June 30, 2004 to June 30, 2003.  Dean will also be proposing
>sunset dates for OS 9 and X in a separate message.  At a meeting member's
>request, Andy Gingras estimated that only 10% of the university is using

Although it makes sense for UVM to stop use of MacOS 8 as soon as
feasible, the standards announcement won't come out until April,
2003, so I think ending MacOS 8 support on June 30, 2003 wouldn't
give departments adequate time to migrate.  Instead, I'd suggest:

       MacOS 8.x support ends Dec. 31, 2003

MacOS 8 computers will at that time be what, five plus years old?

Would we want to make any distinction between MacOS 8.6 versus
earlier 8.x versions?

MacOS 9, like 8 (and like Windows 9x) is old technology that we are
better rid of, since there is a significantly better alternative.
The future of Macintosh is MacOS X, and X is enough different from
7-8-9 that support of the two technologies is too expensive, given
the number of users and the number of available support staff.  I'd

       MacOS 9.x support ends Dec. 31, 2003

-Dean W.