Network Services has completed the network upgrades scheduled for
this evening ahead of schedule.  Please report any problems to the
Help Line:

    [log in to unmask]

... or to me.

-Dean Williams

At 2:31 PM -0500 12/20/02, Dean Williams wrote:
>Waterman network upgrades scheduled for Monday evening, December 23,
>will cause brief outages, and are likely to disrupt some network
>printing services Tuesday and Wednesday.  Because of the legacy
>wiring in Waterman, it is not possible to predict which computers and
>printers will be affected.  Some computers and printers will be
>connected to different subnets than they are now, with the following
>    []  Some networked printers will require site visits for
>reconfiguration, as well as server changes.
>    []  For a small number of people, applications and Samba
>connections that rely on computers having fixed IP addresses may
>fail, requiring authorization of the new IP addresses.
>    []  Most computers and printers will function as usual; some will
>need to be restarted.
>There's never a great time to schedule down time, but this time was
>chosen with the intent of inconveniencing as few people as possible.
>If your office will be severely impacted by potential loss of
>network-based printing Monday evening, Tuesday, and Wednesday, please
>contact me so that alternatives can be arranged.
>Please report any printing or computer connectivity problems to the
>Help Line on Thursday morning (6-2604 or [log in to unmask]), or to me
>via email or phone.
>-Dean Williams