On Mon, 9 Dec 2002, Steve Cavrak wrote:

> Study Refutes E-Mail Myth at Work
> Dec 9, 10:24 AM (ET)

I'm not so sure I agree with the findings.

I'm a 30-or-less-year old who has been using email for a very long time.
I admit on occasion I have sent along a joke or talk more casually in
email than professionally (well, okay, I do that every day to keep in
touch with family and friends).  However, my parents (all four of them) do
the same thing and they aren't less than 30.  In fact, many people I know
who are older than 30 and use email are the much more frequent abusers of
chain mail and joke forwards.  They send me virus warnings (99% of the
time are hoaxes), chain letters warning that if they don't follow the
instructions bad things will happen, as well as chain letters about sick
children whose last wish is to send email around the world or some such
other nonsense.

Also, if you don't have any email filtering set up I expect more of us get
10 spam messages a day mixed in with our relevant mail, so the claim that
most of us are getting 10 messages a day or less seems far-fetched.

My 2 cents.  I'm interested to know what others think.