ActiveState is pleased to announce the release of
ActivePerl 5.8.

This release corresponds to the Perl 5.8.0 source
code release.

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New in ActivePerl 5.8

* Perl 5.8.0

  Corresponds to the Perl 5.8.0 source code release.
  Significant changes that have occurred in the 5.8.0
  release are documented in perldelta.

  Note: The 800 series builds of ActivePerl are *not*
  binary compatible with builds in the 500 or 600 series.
  Any extensions built using binaries from the ActivePerl
  500 or 600 series will need to be recompiled. Note
  especially that this applies to PPM packages that may
  have been built for 500 or 600 series builds.

* Modules

  - Several new modules included with perl 5.8.0. See
    "Modules and Pragmata" in perldelta for a detailed list

  - Data::Dump module included with ActivePerl

  - Many other modules have been updated to their latest

* Large file access support

  - File manipulation facilities within perl can cope with
    files larger than 2GB or 4GB. Supported on all platforms

* PPM v3

  - PPM3 is now included as the default ppm executable

  - PPM v2 continues to be available, and can be executed as

ActivePerl 5.8 is available for download here:

A list of ActivePerl 5.8-compatible tools is here:


The ActivePerl Team,

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