Hello, all.

Lets get together to discuss the January Standards Announcement and a
few other issues.

Proposed Meeting:

Wednesday, Dec. 18
9:00 - 10:00 am
Waterman 238 Conference room

The following items are a few topics about which we should make some
mention in the January IT Standards Announcement:

1. end of support for Windows 98

Proposed: June 30, 2004

2. end of support for Office 97 (Word/Excel/PowerPoint)

Proposed: June 30, 2004;en-us;lifeOffice

(anyone want to suggest similar sunset dates for Mac products?)

Two other issues have been suggested as topics for discussion by the
IT Standards group, not necessarily as a part of the January

1. recommendations regarding handheld and palmtop computers

Is there an institutional need to support for Palm or PocketPC

2. recommendations regarding network-attached copier-printers

What are the implications of selecting multi-function copier-printer
devices? What is the experience connecting them to workstations via
the campus network infrastructure? Do these devices actually displace
traditional printers, or do they create additional support

Are there any other topics that have been simmering out there?