Don Tripp wrote:

> Many people are helped by "seeing" the words in order to
> properly hear them and remember them (not to mention the
> many other teaching/learning methods).

A number of years ago, I went to a conference which had a
session by Prof. Norman Coombs. (
Norm, a history professor, was introducing us to Project EASI
(Equal Access to Software and Information).

Norm, as befitting the time (pre powerpoint days), used
overhead foils.

About 7 or 8 minutes into the talk, he paused. "Well, about
now all of you have come to the same question. What's a blind
guy doing using overheads while he's talking. How does he even
know which one is on the screen? ..."  The audience roared
with laughter.

"Well, it's well known that sighted people have difficulty
focusing their attention on listening if there's not something
to distract their eyes."

Interestingly, I can't remember a single slide he showed us,
but I remember his presentation pretty well.