Why would you want do that anyway?
Office v.X is a good product.  Spend the money for the upgrade. Its not
worth the hassle to run classic applications when there is a perfectly
good native alternative.
However, specifically addressing your question, I have heard that
running network dependent applications in classic mode is highly
unstable.  Being that Outlook needs to access the network for email, it
is not surprising that it doesn't work.  Apple Mail, Webmail, pine,
Netscape Messenger all are supported CIT apps and work well for email.
For calenders, Corperate Time works great on Jaguar.

If this is not for yourself recommending CIT supported apps can save
everyone a lot of hassle.

April Westberg
Computing Analyst
CIT - Client Services
University of Vermont

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from 2-4 PM.

On Monday, December 9, 2002, at 04:51 PM, Corey Gilmore wrote:

> Has anyone ever ran Outlook 2001 (not express) under classic mode in
> 10.2?
> Every time I launch it, it kills classic...