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American Book of the Dead
by E. J. Gold, Claudio Naranjo

   Sufistic deceptions

The status of the classic, fascinating Tibetan Book of the Dead, despite its reputation, remains vexed and it is finally an apocryphal and late text in the Buddhist tradition. Travel light and stick to basics.And beware of the associated abuses.
This work by the notorious Gold, a cloned wannabe in this vein, is essentially a pointless text, whose core meaning might become clear if you have read the last paragraph of Gurdjieff's All and Everything. Be forewarned! And don't be caught in the clutches of these operators. It is one thing to groove on Sufi sayings like 'die before you die', quite another to take it as a form of spiritual practice at the hands of those with lunatic thinking in this field (bathing the ecosphere with death energy, and the like). I read an early version of this book years ago while interviewing a few of Mr. Gold's victims in a state of shock (he has plenty of groupies however), whose tales bespeak a singularly nutty versions of Gurdjieff-Sufism mishmashed. I was struck by the especial viciousness of the goings on in this regard, and the symbolic manipulation of the 'book of the dead' archetype. Sometimes posing as a Indian style guru, sometimes the Sufi sheik and/or 'successor' to Gurdjieff, this man with no stated credentials whatsoever, save the clear hints of being no guru at all but a Crowley style occultist, has let loose some stunning and dangerous howlers in this field, and I would recommend staying well beyond his influence. Period. The question of the Gurdjieff 'school'is hopeless at this point. There is no such thing as the 'fourth way' and the ersatz ashram in tricky combinations has drifted down history ad infinitum and this is no exception. You are under no obligation to spiritual obedience to these entrepreneurs. None whatever. Wake up and watch your step.

John Landon
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World History and the Eonic Effect