One of the drake Tufted Ducks was hanging out this morning among a flock of
260 or so Greater and Lesser Scaup just off Crown Point, NY. So if the
scaup flock is too far from the Vermont side (at Chimney Point), I suggest
folks drive drive across the bridge, park at the visitors center, and take
a 5-minute walk overland toward the point. (This, of course, won't work for
those of you looking to add the duck to your Vermont list.)

The other aforementioned duck species were lingering closer to the VT side,
including 5 Redheads (3 drakes, 2 hens) and 2 Northern Pintails (1 drake, 1
hen). There was also a lone female Gadwall among the group. I noticed four
Bald Eagles at the bridge, and had the pleasure of bumping into Walter
Ellison and Nancy Martin, who had noticed six eagles.

A few other notable birds during quick stops along the lake Monday
included: American Kestrel at the corner of Tri-Town Road and Lake Street
in Addison, a healthy complement of Rough-legged and Red-tailed Hawks
across Addison, a drake Barrow's Goldeneye off Potash Bay in Addison, and a
Peregrine Falcon on the gray lighthouse-looking structure in the lake off
the foot of Lakeside Avenue (near Blodgett's Beach) in Burlington.

Happy New Year.

-Bryan Pfeiffer

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