While skating down at the Intervale yesterday around 4pm, I saw what I assume was the same murder (...of crows, that is) streaming overhead and heading south towards Sherry's direction.


Is Sauron watching?  ;)

At 07:21 PM 12/18/2002 -0500, you wrote:
Hello, all --

Today at dusk we were heading west from the interstate toward Burlington.  The full moon was becoming brighter and brighter every second.  As we approached UVM, the sky was filled with black dots; as we got closer to the top of the hill, the dots turned into crows--hundreds of them.  Then we noticed the treetops nearest the road, loaded with crows.  When stopped at a traffic light I could finally look around and saw that every tree, from the road to a couple of hundred yards back, was loaded with crows.  There must have been at least 750 of them!  It was almost eerie.

If I remember correctly, the flock perched on lower Pearl St. last year.  Has it moved its nighttime perch, or were the birds just visiting up on the hill before settling in for the night down below?  Is the flock larger than last year's?  It seemed so to me, but I was privileged to see last year's only twice.  Is it common for crows to gather in such large flocks (there's one behind my house, but it only has 10-15 birds)?

I'd really love to learn more about this!

Happy holidays to everyone.

Sherry Mahady
Essex Jct.

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