Thanks to several who sent versions of the following, and to avert any
more suggestions that recommend

"You can use the search statement 'loprovmedlib[filter]' to limit
to items that your library has 'linked out'.  Replace 'medlib' with
library's linkout identification.  So if you construct a search and
'AND' it with loprovmedlib[filter] that will give you the search
which have linkouts available."

Yes, I did consider that, however that limits retrieval to ONLY that
for which you have LinkOuts, IE, it excludes those that patrons may want
to Order via Loansome Doc.

I also considered having them save to the Clipboard anything they
wanted, then go to our special URL with the embedded medlib filter and
retrieve from the Clipboard, etc....whew! Although it works, it ain't
pretty and I didn't think that it would go over too well!

I *knew* I wasn't the only one working on this!

Thanks to all!

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