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>Bolton sucks. Don't patronize it. Bad attitude there - shaky operation.
>I hope Bolton goes bankrupt ASAP. Bad day there Saturday. Stupid
>decision to go there based on a Free Press article. Hoped to give them
>some out-of-state business but never imagined that the summit lift was
>closed. Took one run, another lift ride, hiked to the top (or almost to
>summit) and saw no legit reason why the top lift was not running. Nor
>was a legit excuse offered by the ticket manager who absolutely refused
>my pleas for a voucher or credit towards a full priced ticket later in
>the season. When I told him this attitude risked losing our out-of-state
>dollars, he said "Great".

Wow, somebody must have dessip you off pretty good at the ticket window,
Bruno.  Not that it matters, but this type of 'tude was pretty rare last
year.  My guess is that the Vista Chair was not running simply because of
lack of full staffing.  Hard to open a chair without folks there to run
it.  Not a legit excuse, I know, but did you ask if it was open or not
when you bought the ticket?

>I sincerely hope that resort is unable to make
>it on local dollars. Sorry to those of you who are loyal to the place.
>Let it revert to a hike-only place IMO.

You have every right to say that Bruno, but if you really and truly mean
it I'm pretty disappointed.  Better to leave lift-served to folks from CT,
MA, NY and elsewhere where salaries allow $50/day ski habits, I guess.
Leave VT families snowmobiling and deer hunting, right?

Believe me, BV's a very imperfect mtn. with a lot of improving to do, but
to actually have a hill's management in VT state cleary that their
priority is to serve the local market is something I intend to support,
loyalty or not.  I'll be happy to make powder turns in the dark there
for 'ya, lift-served, as soon as I can.

-Jim B.

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