Ho hum.

Valley P received another 4-6 inches last night and it snowed steady on
my way up 2000 completely untracked vertical feet. Most tracks from the
previous days were half buried and some were completely erased. This
presented a conundrum once at the top as I could not rely on my usual
go-where-the-other-gomers-did-not decision making process.

So I let the mountain choose and just took the two steepest descents that
were available. On the top of the first I encountered long Alaskan style
wind drifts. Below those it was just obscene amounts of untracked powder.
When the pitch finally flattened I wept and prayed for a helicopter to
come and whisk me back up ... none came, I am so tihs upon.

The skins went back on and I made my way past even bigger drifts to A
Slo...omething. This one is pretty durned steep, with rocks and assorted
mountain guts usually protruding. The wound may have healed but just to be
sure I sewed it up good, lanching off rocks and getting blasted in the
face with more <yawn> powder.


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