Friday -

Drove the 1:15 from Mt. Snow to K Skyeship base and arrived around 9:30 -
got the last spot in the gondi side parking lot.  Warmed up on
Skyelark/Bitterweet and headed over to Northstar.  In general, best snow
was on the snowmaking trails, for some reason.  Cascade, Needle'es Eye and
East Fall all had soft, chewy man made bumps/surfaces.  The new powder was
so light and dry that it all too easily scraped off the surface below the
natural trails.  As day went on, conditions improved with the new snow and
drifting.  Highlights were two runs down skiers right of Double Dipper/Big
Dipper that were reserved.  Bot/knee deep freshies all the way down with
nary a scrape on my primary boards.  Finished the day off by heading back
to the Skyeship base to find that the rope had just been dropped on Dream
Maker.  Still more untracked fresh in the lee of the wind.  Good times.

Saturday -

Decided to drive the 2 hours to MRG openning day.  Arrived late arounf
12:30 and headed up the single.  Started off with Cat Bowl to Liftline to
Beaver.  Hit some short, but delightful wood shots down low on Beaver.  The
snow was more than a little heavy that low and stil needs another 12-18" to
be about right (though as I write this, it probably has seen that much
already).  Next run was down Fall Line, where I ran into one Mr. Mark
Renson along with Gary Crofton and his daughter Caroline.  Great chopped up
powder was had - I love that trail more and omre every time I ski it.  I
was might impressed witht he tele skills of recent convert Gary, and even
more impressed with Caroline's all around abilities.  As we got to the top
of the single for the next run, the word came out that Paradise had just
been opened.  We decided to confirm if that decision was correct, and
indeed it was.  Boot and knee deep freshies abounded as we were able to
billy goat over the waterfall and all other manner of sundry obstacles. Met
up with upcoming sick pup Nick Parsons as well.  Mark showed me the way
into some previously unknown delights and I can't wait to get back.  The
upper mountain is more than ready - mid season conditions.

Sunday -

Got a very late start and decided to hit Mt. Snow.  Definitely the coldest
and windiest of the three days, so I headed for the trees, and almost got
my ticket pulled as a result.  Yes, I know they are looking ot for my
safety, but honestly, the 15,000 idiots and glare ice on Chute were FAR
more dangerous than the solitude and deep fluff on Olympic and the trees to
its left.  Whatever, spent much of the afternoon techbing my friend's
nephew a few pointers and then ducked into some more reserved terrain as
the day ended.

All in all, a brilliant start to the new year.  Won't be back in VT until
the weekend before X-Mas, but I'm betting it will be utterly magical by the
time I return.

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