Ben Bloom wrote:
>My solution was to wear contacts.  I never had good luck with glasses &
>If there's no medical reason not to wear contacts, talk to your eye doc.
>about getting a few pairs of disposable soft contacts.

I should have added a disclaimer to my post. Contacts are great in theory,
however for me, the thought of putting something in my eye, including my
fingers, sends little crawlies up my spine and makes me want to retch. One
of the worst experiences at the eye exam is the non-optometric glaucoma
test (the puff of air or the little lens  Lasik surgery is probably ideal,
but I have a less than stellar record with surgical procedures, so I'm
still pretty leery of that as well. As always, YMMV.

I was thinking of trying the fan thingy, but just haven't popped for it
yet. Maybe when it's time for new goggles.

As far as the patience that Eric mentioned, I don't find it that big a deal
at all. I wear small glasses by choice (since big glasses went out with the
70's)* and after booting up in the car or the lodge, I just wipe 'em with
the Smith anti-fog cloth, put on my hat and goggles and go. Writing it all
out makes it sound more involved than it is.

One additional disclaimer.....since a damp day here is 20% RH and a really
cold winter day is 15F, fogging hasn't been quite the problem it is in the NE.

* ref: David Letterman bit on "What's Up With Old Guys And Big Glasses?"

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