On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Bruno deBiasi wrote:
> friend came by in the pm to meet us but we were long gone. I think the concept
> of a locals place like BV is sound but as a flatlander it sucks to hear "we
> don't need your money here". And all along, I thought BV was struggling and
> could use our early season patronage. Maybe if too many Vt businesses display
> similar attitude toward flatlanders, Vt families who rely on tourist dollars
> won't be able to afford gas for the 'bile or ammo for the rifle. (Isn't hunting
> season over now?)

Nope, hunting season is still going on.  Although I'm not sure if it is
still open season or black powder.  Bruno, you're missing the point.  The
rudeness is part of the Vermont charm that you flatlanders have come to
expect.  I know that when I worked at Mt. Sneaux they actually trained us
to use the proper redneck accent and how to be properly gruff and Vermont

Actually, it is unacceptable.  While it is a pain and requires more time,
you should either call or write Eric Davis (unless he was the guy w/the
attitude) and tell him how disappointed you are.

One the good side, I showed up on Saturday afternoon to get my free Smart
Pass (valid midweek and holidays), our prize for winning the Corporate
Race League.  I went to the customer service/ticket counter and was told
that they were not doing the Smart Pass this season, since they had not
sold any to date (probably because the full season pass rate was such a
bargain).  Instead, they would upgrade me to a full season pass at no
additional charge.  I was and am rather pleased.

--Matt K.

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