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>Sharon, better bring the arnica or at least the arnica placebo because
>PS said he is going to kick your a** on the slopes.
>- Brunoplayingtheroleofinstigator

Well Mr Instigator...

if I telemark, anyone will kick my ass. I have a ways to go. I'm still not
walking normally since the weekend.

But, if I alpine, I can keep up with most of the guys. I hope to be in
better shape by then. I'll bring the arnica anyway since that trip would
mean skiing hard for 6 days in a row. You will all be begging me for a hit.

Maybe this would be a good time for an experiment. We'll have a control
group and a test group. The control will get a placebo and the test group
will get arnica. No one will know which they are getting. That's the only
real way to tell if it works or not. On day 3 we'll tally up the results.

I have a house rented at Jay that weekend, so I will end the trip there
saturday and am staying through monday. I may need more than arnica for
that trip.

I'm looking for someone to share the driving with as well as sharing a

Don't think I will share a room with PS. That could be trouble.

But from what I know you people, you would probably like to see that.

Take it easy on me. Otherwise I won't come back.

"the list abused"  Sharon

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