Not by snow, by posts.

Was gone for Thanksgiving, then a couple days of a program review, last
day of that tomorrow.  No time for a real list catch up.  There must be
200+ posts that I haven't read.  I will probably have to bail on that.

I will be at Killington next week for the annual PSIA nordic downhill
instructor course.  I will be wearing plaid.  Say hello if you see me.
Please forgive me if I must cut short to remain with my clinic group.  The
nordic folks are actually pretty cool and it probably would be OK to tag
along for a run or 2 if you see me.  Ask first.

Skinned up and skied one early T-day run at Wachusett which Mark Renson
has reported.  Conditions pretty marginal.  Fun factor high.  Very sorry
Mark, about the Mt. Wash. deaths.

I am trying to figure out what happened and how it happened so fast.  Just
days after that WaWa run in 8" of fluff over frozen mud, I am seeing posts
all over the place about epic deep powder in VT woods, reports of the
return to health of my buddy Bruce T, etc.  A quick check of the Mt.
Mansfield snow stake reveals the magic 40" already.  My WV buddy Chip
reports that Whitegrass is 100% open with a season's total of 24".  It is
now 16 deg. here in VA; that's below the Mason-Dixon line.  All this
happened while I was sitting behind a wheel driving the NJ turnpike, or
sitting in a room listening to a non-advocate review panel report on a
mission.  3 days in Dec.  Fall to deep winter.  Wow!

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