On Wed, 4 Dec 2002, Gilbert Fagley wrote:

> One of them was on the Today Show this morning.  he was the one that
> only had his hand sticking out of the snow. <snip> ...but he is calling
> it quits as his friend was one of them that got killed.

Which avalanche though?  The one on Friday or Sunday?  The deaths occurred
on Friday.  I have a suspicion that he was not up there on Sunday unless
the real reason he's quitting is because he realize he is a Moron (if he
indeed went back up on Sunday and was caught in that day's avalanche.

From what I've read, and granted this might be an inaccurate assesment,
the climbers caught in Friday's slide made a few mental errors, but were
not complete Idiots.  The same cannot be said for the climber's caught in
Sunday's slide.

--Matt K.

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