Powder day at the big K today. The Big K has the goods. Tons of powder and
lots of natural trails open. I was on the lift at 8:00 to catch the 9-11" of
freshies they got overnight and it was still snowing most of the day. Light
and fluffy powder. First I got fresh tracks down Upper Royal Flush to
Highline. Phloating down on the phats was phine. Next was Escapade to Flume.
Sure it was all cut up by nine but it's December 1st and it was better than
any day last season. Next up Skyburst. Mounds and mounds of beautiful dry
powder for the Phats to phly through. Back over to Snowden for an Upper and
Lower Royal Flush. A few rocks pocking through but there always is no matter
how much snow they get.Next was Conclusion. Even the skiers left on the
headwall was covered enough. Northstar and Vagabond had tons of powder on
top of hard moguls. Lots of fun. At the bottom of Great Bear there is an
open stream across the entire trail. I pulled a bonehead move and walked
through the stream with my skies. A thin layer of ice formed on the bottoms
of my skies making them useless. It took me a half an hour to break the ice
off with my pole. But I was not alone. Several other people around me were
in the same predicament. I ended up teaching everyone the best was to get it
off. Back over to Needles Eye, Thimble, Old Star, Ovation, powder, powder,
powder. I didn't try the trees but they are choked full of pow. Killington
is wide open except for Bear and Lower Southridge. The only lift lines were
on the two Gondolas. All chairs were ski on. A powder day on Thanksgiving


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