Didn't read the article in Outside, but found people's comments on it
interesting. Leigh nailed it with his statement of the obvious, which seems
to continually bear repeating in this forum, that there is room for both
the purist, keep it simple and the put- a-mall- at- the-base points of
view. Skiing is a business for those who own and operate the areas and a
passion for the rest of us. We have unlimited choices and endless variety,
as well as the freedom to seek our own experiences, limited only by time
and money. would anyone really want it any other way?

However, Marc Guido found it necessary to pollute the discussion with an
unprovoked, uncalled-for verbal assault on Tag, who hads done nothing to
him that I can see. I, for one, perceive no need for such unnecessary crap.
Jump to his defense if you wish, dudes, but that's the way it is, man.


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