Had to beat Mark "EPIC" Renson with this quick post, for surely his will be longer
and more poetic.  We were there for opening day (**lift served***) and the skiing
was just fantastic.  Saw all the regulars there, and even let Mark beat us for first
tracks on Paradise, after which Mark was heard to say, yet again, THAT WAS EPIC !!!
The Single was the venue for Saturday, then today, they switched to the "Sunnyside"
Double, which was anything but sunny.  The wind was howling, the drifts were
accumulating, and Mark was heard to say yet again "EPIC".  I thought I even heard
him say that it was one of the best ski days of his life.  I can't disagree.  We
were all dumbfouunded skiing MRG in NOVEMBER with such amazing conditions.  The
cliffs on Chute were covered, Fall Line was spectacular, Paradise was open, and
beautiful, and we skiied everthing that was open ....(Glades and LA were not open).

I'll leave the rest of the superlatives for Mr. EPIC Renson ....)-;


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