It snowed today in DC.  There must be 6-7" on the ground and it is still
coming down hard.  I took the train to work today which meant I'd only
have to drive ~ 3 miles to the train station in the AM.  Put my ski equip
in the car with the intent to hit my local golf course on the way home
this evening.

I no sooner got to work than I learned that 3 colleagues brought their
skis to work.  They actually rode DC Metro with them.  Several years ago I
made a solemn promise to someday telemark the capitol steps.  Now I can't
get back to the suburbs for my skis until the first outbound train at
1:37.  Arrrgggghhhh!  We are heading for the capitol in 15 min.  I have
been assigned as the photographer.  We will ask the guards permission
first of course.   Photos tomorrow I hope.  Damn!

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