On Sun, 1 Dec 2002 19:23:15 -0500, Jeremy Malczyk <[log in to unmask]>

>I think I may have skied powder today that was deeper than anything in the
>famous Winter that Could. On an anonymous tip, I made my way to a certain
>extremely endangered "backcountry" slope that is due to disappear within
>weeks. Skinned 2000 or so verts to top as quick as legs could muster and
>then chose the steepest path I could find with no other tracks on it. This
>as not a difficult search. My choice was continuously knee to
>waist deep with extended drifts over the chest. I think my head went under
So it seems you found your way into the area you suggested that you might
ski today. How was the approach?

The snow was fab today. SlOkemo can get boring if you don't do something
to make it more challenging.


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