Nice to hear the ankle is okay Jim. Way to take it easy and give it time
to heal. ;-)

Enjoy the great snow conditions in northern Vermont for those of us
stuck here in the flatlands, or worse, in Florida.

- Bruno

Jim Clapp wrote:

>It happens every year. I ski MRG for the first time of the season, and get
>humbled. Last weekend was no exception.
>On Sunday at MRG, in a powder crazed frenzy, I geeked my ankle on a stump
>hidden in the pow. As I lay in the snow, I visualized sitting out this
>powderific season while you all blast and rip it up. Happily, I didn't need a
>ride down in a sled, and my ankle felt OK enough to try a night mission last
>And what a night!  Cold, about 0 degrees, but clear starry skies and no wind
>to speak of. We had an expanded crew, a total of six gomers, including our
>first night snowboarder. Three trucks four-wheeled it up, and we set off to
>test the pow by headlamp. First off, if you haven't made a run in northern
>Vermont in the last week, get up here and ski. Conditions you ask? Well let
>us say they were "epic mid-winter powder." What else can one say? If I have
>to explain, then you wouldn't understand!
>My ankle felt great on the climb, but I didn't push my luck, and just hung
>with Andy, who was struggling on snowshoes and a board on his back. He would
>do fine on the hard-pac lower sections, but as we climbed and the snow was
>less consolidated, he would post-hole. Too small shoes, too big a guy. TEO,
>Kris and Scott played their own game of hero up ahead, once and a while
>stopping for us to get in sight, then racing off again. The trail was a mess,
>as the snow plastered to the trees had all the birches bent over into the
>trail...kind of reminded me of the ice storm.
>The run down through the woods was powder choked madness. I skied like %$#,
>as my ankle had a hard time pressuring the ski. TEO was the hero on his
>fattie skis, dicing it up in the faces of his older, more mature friends.
>Insolent PUNK! I got a few seconds of video I will give to Wes later. We
>blasted down the new lines on the lower, made it to the trucks and drank a
>few frozen reebs in minus temps. What fun!
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