On 5 Dec 2002 at 11:13, Denis Bogan wrote:

> Relief is coming.  MRG is
> both the ski area of the past and the area of the future.  I hope it
> will be joined by many other werbmeisters, who produce their products
> with loving care and pride and are willing to live with modest markets
> and modest gains.

That would be nice, wouldn't it? I wouldn't bet on it,

- you don't need the permission of the government to open
a brewery (you do need a license, but that's not the same

- Breweries can be built just about anywhere.  Ski areas

- A brewery can start really small and expand if business is
good.  Some micros don't even have their own breweries -
they contract other brewers to use their excess capacity to
create reebs according to a specific recipe.

I could come up with roughly a dozen more, but I think you
get the point.  Between state and federal environmental
laws, wage burderns, capital costs and other factors, it's
virtually impossible to start up a ski area these days.  The
analogy is lovely, but it's a non sequitur.


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