Jerm wrote:
>I think I may have skied powder today that was deeper than anything in the
>famous Winter that Could.

I did some time travelling this past holiday weekend through the same
portal used by Jerm, and now I find myself in a powder-induced haze
wondering if it really happened.

I was not in Vermont in the winter of 2001, but I can state for certain
that I have not skied better, deeper powder in Vermont (outside of Jay
Peak, of course, where I have skied powder like this a number of times).

Light dry snow filled up my into chest on nearly every turn. Face shots
were not uncommon. Every run I skied was untracked (or nearly so). 1000
vertical feet at a time, could have been non-stop runs if I was in
better shape. And that was all before the foot that fell today.

Oh my goodness....what a start to the season! Let's hope it continues
for at least a couple more weeks.


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