Girlfriend: "Well it is a stupid idea"
Me: "No it's not, the snow will be great"
Girlfriend: "You do realize it will take us 3 hours to get there with the roads like they are"
Me: "That's ok, we can get 2 hours of boarding in"
Girlfriend: "You're crazy."
Me: "Get in the car, we're going"

That's how day #2 of my ski season started.  Lots of snow here in NJ, and wanted to take advantage of it by getting some turns in SOMEWHERE.  Blue Mountain, PA is about an hour and half drive from my
apartment in central Jersey.  With the crappy roads, the ride took 2 1/2, but we didn't mind.  We had four people in a packed jeep wrangler (lots of weight), threw it into 4wd at 5 o'clock and headed
for the mountain (errr...hill).

2 1/2 hours of driving for 2 hours boarding is a tough call, but when we learned that lift tickets were $13- everyone stopped complaining.  Ski area was relatively crowded for a snow day, but never
more than a 2 minute lift line.  Snow was soft and chopped up, with some really nice untracked stuff on the sides.  While only 7 trails open, we had a great time.  The snow was soft and very
forgiving.  One skier in our group was complaining that the snow was "too soft" and that she "liked ice better". Oh well, we sure weren't complaining on our snowboards as we quietly cut right through
the thick snow and didn't hear a scratchy sound all night.

My girlfriend (still novice boarder) got her first introduction to a good 'ol fashion high speed double.  It was quite an experience.  I realized that from her riding mostly Killington and Hunter,
that she had gotten spoiled by high speed detachable lifts.  Well it was a kick in the ssa for her- literally :)

It was my first time at Blue Mt. and I didn't get to sample much of the mountain but from what I could see it seems about as good as it gets for the Poconos. Boasting over 1000 ft of vertical, this
area has some surprisingly long runs- of which many had some double fall lines and interesting terrain features.  One thing I did notice though was that it was very well lit for a night skiing area.
Compared to Camelback, PA (my other quick-night-ski destination in the Poconos) we came across very few shadows at Blue, something that will surely lure me back for a few nights this winter I'm sure.

From talking to some local riders while I was up there, I learned that their half pipe/park is excellent when it's open, and the true summit (the only open lift brought us a ridge lower than the top)
has some nasty steep trails off of it.  Now I'm not sure how much I believe of that, but either way I'll have to head back up there in a few weeks to check it out.  Sunday nights (4-10 pm) cost $18
all year.

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