Today was one of the better ski days that I have ever had.  The
last 3 days have been outstanding days of skiing fun!  MRG is in
incredibly great shape.  But .....

        At a little after 12:00 noon today at the bottom of The Double,
"M" got a hold of me.  "H" - a very kind and thoughtful individual
- had wanted "M" to get a hold of me at MRG to make sure I was
aware of the grim news and that I was told about it personally
rather than hear it on the news or read about it.  "M" handled this
with great caring and compassion.  I was very thankful and am even
more thankful now as there is a message on my machine from a Boston
Globe reporter mentioning the grim news and the name associated
with it.
        The "grim news" was that 1 of the victims of Friday's avalanche
incident was an acquaintance of mine.  We were not close friends,
but we had done some community work together, top-roped in the
Quincy Quarries and had a few beers together.  A few weeks ago, he
had a bunch of us over at his home and couldn't do enough for us.
 Scott was a tremendous activist and did a great deal of volunteer
work without ever wanting a dime.  He also helped rescue a solo
climber in dire trouble in Yosemite last summer (he died in a freak
accident as he was being lifted out by helicopter).  He leaves
behind a spunky daughter and an understanding wife.  These are the
2 that I really feel for.
        "R" who was climbing with Scott, apparently dug out Scott and I
can only imagine what that was like and I feel terribly for him.  I
know "R" and I am struggling with trying to figure out what to say
to him.

        I have yet to check my e-Mails and I can only imagine how
miserable it will be for me to read some of them.

        We have lost one of 'da Good Guys of The World.


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