Sorry everyone, there's some skiing content in this email.  I'll try to
keep it to politics after this one.

Smuggs was in excellent shape today. Nearly 100% of Sterling was open
and M2 was running.  Reports from M2 confirmed what I suspected, not
much terrain open and none of it interesting.

No matter, Telenaut and I had a wonderful day.  After a quick warmup
down ... uh, something-or-other to thingamajig, to the liftline, we
decided to make the best use of the long liftlines and go off in search
of a good place to play.

We found a winter-wonderland that I did not expect.  The snow was
plentiful, albeit with some stumps and rocks lurking below the surface,
and soft.  Five laps was the count, I think, and they were good.  Lines
with powder up to our knees and gathering higher.  We stuck mostly to
the main lines.  The traffic was so light that we could just pick our
way a little left or right of the last run and get some good snow.

For our last run of the day we went a bit further.  The nice entrance
that I remember had turned into an 8-10' cliff held in place by rebar.
That was a surprise.  After another good dump that could be a whole lot
of fun! As it stands today, the landing is a bit thin with some
underlying stumps and rucks that could really ruin a day.

We climbed down and strapped in.  A few turns and it tightened up
again.  Then we traversed left, and left, and left.  Took some turns
through nice snow and ended up on a hiking trail.  Dan followed that a
bit and I traversed a little lower.  We then found some very nice
hardwoods with only 2-3 sets of tracks from today.  Maybe another 2-3
earlier in the week, as well.

The day was wonderful.  Yeah, Dan took a core shot to the phats - so be
careful where you ski - but conditions are great.  As Mark stated
earlier - a little more snow and we'll be in 'The Best of Times' again.


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