I lived in the town of Bolton for 10 years.   IMO there is nothing at
Bolton.   I searched hi and low for a place to cut a shot through the
woods.   There is nothing that would allow one to make several linked
turns.   Definitely nothing to cause you to break a sweat while skiing.

Devils play ground - over the rock and it's over.
Lost Boys - in good snow there isn't enough vert to keep you moving.

The best trail was Adams Solitude.  Unfortunately the patrol at BV can't
ski it so it is now closed.

For some employees, BV is a religion.   They have created their little fife doms.
IMO these people have hurt BV more then helped it.  They pay little or no attention
to what the customers needs.    They seem to be motivated more by the employee
needs.  The funny thing is, they are totally blind to this.   Customer complaints mean
nothing unless employees have the same complaints.

The Patrol is the worst!   They do not open trails until they have skied it first.
One time I heard a patroler on the radio say that "there is too much snow on
the trail".   They are hired for their medical skills, not their skiing.  So if they
can't ski it. . .    I love it when a patroler that sits way back, with their hands
behind him/her, tells me to ski in control.

Now I know that not all of the patrolers suck at BV.  I am friendly with several
of them.   Still, I could go on and on with stories of BV patrolers.

The reeb league is fun, but has been poorly run most years.   The timing wire
broke.   OK, it breaks you have to hand time.  That is ok for one week.  When
you don't fix the wire or replace it for several weeks. . .    One time the guy they
hired to record times stopped writing down the times.  He said "this sucks" and
walked away. . .

I did a WIZN fun race.   The prize was a trip to Montreal to see the Bruins.
I won the race.   At the award ceremony they decided to give a handicap
to Hans Hoover, based on the Thursday league handicaps.   They refused
to give me the handicap that I normally get.   So Hans won.

I won't even touch food and beverage. . .

Bolton Valley's knickname has always been Broken Valley.  Sounds like it
will continue.  If I bought BV, I would:
-  refuse to hire back most of the old employees.
  (of coures I would hire Jim B).
-  require patrolers to take lessons.
- move the night skiing to the quad.
- promote the XC center more.   Try to get more races there.

I truly hope that Bruno's experience is not the norm.
I would like to see BV thrive.    Unfortunately it seems to be cursed.

Ben K wrote:
>Bolton does suffer from lack of vertical, so I could imagine how much it
>would kcus without a lift to the top.  But sometimes you get those days.
>On the other hand, the lifts help you access some pretty cool bc.  And
>with enough Skivittlers, even the trails and woods in between the trails are
>Ben K.

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