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> were forced to posthole...Oh yeah, there was that little skate / walk / hike
> out, but let's just ignore that.

I'll just say that I can't wait till the day when splitboards are standard

The most annoying part of the traversing at Wolf Creek was the postholes.
It seems Southern Colorodo Snowboard Theory recommends walking in
ski tracks instead of laying a separate boot path when forced to traverse.
Which, when there's a drought and sunbaking, is really quite jarring.

I know splitboards are still quite expensive, so, although I cursed quite a
bit at the time, I don't hold it against the snowboarders (the postholes, that
is, I do resent the fact that they postholed-up the ski tracks, which was
absolutely unnecessary).

OTOH, I pity y'all who have to trudge out from Ranch Valley in super deep

Glad to hear Bruce is doing well after being bed-ridden for the past few
months.  Please give him my best wishes.  And tell him I may stop by in
late December/early January.

El Scorpion

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