Quoting Skip King :
> Canadian and
> Provincial governments would effectively buy lifts for
> private ski areas.

And just like anything else government touches, it's flawed. Take the
Chaudiere-Appalaches region, for example. Three different nearby towns
believed that their financial salvation was in winter tourism, so the Québec
government dropped a boatload of cash to build ski areas in all three. They
created Massif du Sud, La Crapaudière and Mont-Orignal all in the early
1990s in a region that lacks the population density to financially support
more than one. The government gave absolutely no consideration to economic
viability, but instead just threw the cash around to prop up support for the
Parti Québecois in time for the next referendum vote.

The result? All 3 filed bankruptcy within 5 years, and one of them has
already been purchased by one of the other two for the sole purpose of
shutting it down for good and taking its market share. Many millions spent
on its creation were therefore pissed down the proverbial drain.

Government, no matter which form, can't touch anything without screwing it

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