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> Er, 'scuse my Candian ignorance of things American Ben, (aside: not!),
> but
> didn't Jefferson own slaves?

You bet!  In fact, his favorite expression/utterance/whatever 'round the
plantation was "Who's ya daddy!"
>  US Forest Service
> leases
> are generous and far below market value in most areas out west.

You bet your ssa!  I just made that point a few posts back.  Nobody caught
it.  The US goverment wastes ooooooooooodles of money every year by
underpricing usage.

Talk about goverment handouts and a tradition of dependency!  Same
with the sports stadiums you mentioned, Leigh.  People knock welfare for
the people who need it, but you don't hear the same rhetoric when
someone wants to put a baseball team in Florida or football team in
Hartford (remember the almost-move of the Sucktriots?), do you?


And the professional sports at American universities is utter tihsllub.

THe U of A football coach earns $800,000 a year!  For a team that won,
what, 2 games???

At the same time the state legislature is cutting funding and the university
decides to cut academic budgets.  $800,000.  That's 8 world-class
professors.  It's about 80 full scholarships or teaching assistantships.

Like I said, Americans are stoopid

El Scorpion

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