Well everyone knows by now that it snowed. I would guess that Stratton received about 20 inches over the holiday period. It was my first set of turns for the year and I had some trouble getting out of bed this morning. I'm getting old! Stratton is my new home ski base and I am really happy that we settled on it. They make it a lot easier for me to get the family skiing and the reality is that MRG,Stowe,SB etc are just too far to go for weekend trips. Despite it's lack of steeps, Stratton offers a very classic Vermont Ski expereince.
I was really surprised by how empty the place was. Thursday and Friday were very light. Saturday was crowded but the lift lines moved very fast. Sunday was empty. Stratton also seems to have a late arriving crowd so there were plentiful powder runs to be had every morning! Sunday, the skiing was great all day and when the first tracks were gone there were areas where the wind had blown and packed the new snow into one of my favorite surfaces to ski on, a hard packed powder with sugar on top. I'm not a big fan of eastern tree skiing, I prefer glades of evergreens that are covered in snow to hardwoods but I did quite a few runs through some of the glade areas at least I think they were glade areas. Some really nice pitches and well cleared and maintained. A great 4 days of skiing with the family.
I thought some of you might be interested in this system which is in use at Stratton: