Ah, December has never looked, felt or skied better!

Day 1, Dec 1, skied ankle to skin deep pow at the Evil K. It was cold, but that's fine with me. The colder it gets the fewer flatlanders make it to the mountains.....

Skied hard, skied fast, skied pow!

Day 2, Dec 2, skied knee and even thigh deep pow at Jay! Once again the Jay cloud kept it snowing all day. Parts of the mountain, especially the top was stuck in the Jay cloud. You couldn't see the next chair at times... the cable just vanished in both directions. Skiing away from the lift was a trip. You had to rely on your knowledge of where the trail went and your feet. If you tried to ski where your eyes wanted to go you'd be in touble. I almost lost it when I caught an edge on the phatties when it looked like the slope went one way, but it actully went in the axact oposite direction. I now know how people can easily loose their way in white out storms.

I await my next day of skiing hoping it will top the first two.... with the weather as its been...... it could happen.