I got so riled up after hearing about disappearing content on government
websites I actually wrote a letter to a sympathetic columnist at the San
Francisco Chronicle.  He did use the item:

"Speaking of brains: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
determined that there was no link between abortions and breast cancer. It
said so on its Web site. Conservative Republicans made it remove that
information. Why? Because pro-life groups have been using that "fact" to
scare women seeking abortions."

A small mention but better than no one caring!  I also assume he did the
reseach to verify the bit about why the content was removed.

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        Subject:        Chat- WSJ article on picking Science Panelists for Ideology

Today's Wall Street Journal, Page B1, has an article "Now Science
Panelists are Picked for Ideology Rather Than Expertise."  One of the
examples given refers to a new panel member on safety standards for lead
in children's blood.  This new member "stated in a legal deposition for
industy that a lead level of 70 micrograms per deciliter is harmless (the
federal standard is 10)."

On another front "scientists say, HHS staffers asked them which
presidential candidate they voted for in 2000 and what they think of
stem-cell research and abortion- issues with no relevance to the section's

This seems to further the agenda being followed with previous research
disappearing from websites.  Our tax money is paying only for research
that fits current political policy, not that which may impact us in an
helpful or adverse way.

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