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Please see the announcement below about the publication of SEDL's
most recent research synthesis, co-authored by Anne Henderson and
Karen Mapp. Feel free to forward this to your colleagues and to
practitioners in schools and communities that you interact with.

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Vangie Orozco

January 10, 2003
For Immediate Release

"The evidence is consistent, positive, and convincing:  families have
a major influence on their children's achievement in school and
through life."
(Henderson & Mapp, 2002)

The National Center for Family & Community Connections with Schools
at the Southwest Educational Development Laboratory (SEDL) is pleased
to announce the release of a A New Wave of Evidence: The Impact of
School, Family, and Community Connections on Student Achievement.

This research synthesis examines the impact of a variety of family
and community connections with schools on student achievement.
Authors Anne T. Henderson and Karen L. Mapp reviewed more than 50
research studies published since 1995.  They found that "the research
continues to grow and build an ever-strengthening case. When schools,
families, and community groups work together to support learning,
children tend to do better in school, stay in school longer, and like
school more." The authors also found that students with involved
parents, "no matter what their income or background", were more
likely to succeed in school- attending school regularly, earning
higher grades, passing their classes, and graduating and going on to
post-secondary education.

The report highlights several different kinds of school, family, and
community connections and the different results these connections can
have.  It also discusses how schools can effectively connect with
families from all backgrounds.  Readers can also explore summaries of
the each of the 51 studies reviewed, for a deeper understanding of
the research.

This publication is the fourth in the series of Evidence publications
related to family and community involvement in schools authored or
co-authored by Anne T. Henderson. It is also the second in a series
of five annual research syntheses to be published by SEDL's National
Center for Family & Community Connections with Schools.

To order a print copy or to download the report, go to  You may also call SEDL
Publications at 1-800-476-6861 to order a print copy.  For questions
about the report, please send an email to [log in to unmask]

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