Beware: the Sobig.a@mm worm crept onto campus before the central server
was able to initially stop it.

Quoted from Symantec's site:

The W32.Sobig.A@mm worm sends itself to all the addresses it finds in the
.txt, .eml, .html, .htm, .dbx, and .wab files. The email message has the
following characteristics:
From: [log in to unmask]
Subject: The subject will be one of these:

    * Re: Movies
    * Re: Sample
    * Re: Document
* Re: Here is that sample

Attachment: The attachment will be one of these:

    * Movie_0074.mpeg.pif
    * Document003.pif
    * Untitled1.pif
    * Sample.pif

More details can be viewed at:
<http:[log in to unmask]>

If you expect that you or someone in the department is infected please
open Norton Antivirus in your system tray (double-click the golden
shield) then run Live Update.  If you have troubles or questions
please contact the CIT Helpline at 6-2604 or [log in to unmask] .

Stefanie B. Ploof
CIT Client Services, CALS ITO
Computing Analyst II
University of Vermont