In my hasty attempts yesterday I overlooked the obvious.  I was trying
from Finder to Go, Connect to Server afp://giraffe which wouldn't work,
but Go, Connect to Server smb://giraffe does seem to work.  Would someone
with a Mac (OS 10.1 and higher) and a Giraffe account be willing to try
this method?

That still leaves the people using OS 9 in the dark unless in the
Chooser's AppleShare CITZONE there is a choice for giraffe?  Not running
OS 9 at the moment.  Do any of us still have 9 as our primary OS?  Could
someone try?  If I don't get responses I will quit out of all applications
and restart in 9, just a bit of a pain. :)

I am looking further into MacSSH, Fetch (their new major release will
support SFTP/SSH2), and Fugu.

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Mike Austin wrote:

> On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Rob Maurizi wrote:
> > As for the FTP piece, I'm also a bit fuzzy-- Is all of Zoo going to move
> > toward an sFTP protocol? I have yet to find a good sFTP client for the
> > Mac.
> We already support sFTP on Zoo, and have for years.  We highly recommend
> it's use over traditional FTP.  We will hopefully be turning off FTP by
> the end of 2003 on Zoo.
> There are two options I know of for graphical sftp on Mac:
> 1) A free one: that some people
> have spoken highly of.
> 2) A commercial one:  that others have spoken
> highly of.
> I haven't used either of them.
> I don't know if/when CIT will support either.  Anyone from client services
> have any thoughts about this?
> mga.

Stefanie B. Ploof
CIT Client Services, CALS ITO
Computing Analyst II
University of Vermont