I have Verizon DSL.  I have had it since May of 2001.  In that time,
I've had three problems.  The service was down for 3 days in the fall of
2001.  There was a performance problem that required I force Verizon to
change my choice for wide area carrier from Qwest to GTE in 2002.  And
the end of September 2002, my service was "accidentally" disconnected
and it took them a couple of days to get me reconnected.

The people at the 800 number have been friendly, but I have felt
frustration at the length of time it takes to make them understand the
problem the three times I've had to call.

Overall, the performance has been wonderful and I laugh at Adelphia's
commercials claiming their powerlink is so much better than DSL (I know
of Powerlink's continuing problems because my daughter cannot get DSL in
her apartment).


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