I have Verizon DSL too, and have been happy with it, especially when I
talk to my friends who have Adelphia PowerLink!  Download speeds are
consistent, almost all the time.


On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Moody, Michael D wrote:

> I, too, am using Verizon DSL.  My experience is similar to Frank's in that
> the system was down for 3 days.  Otherwise, I'm very satisfied with the
> service/speed.  Working from home is not a problem (I think that's a good
> thing?).  I tried PowerLink before switching to DSL -- my 56 Kbps modem was
> faster a good part of the time.
> Michael Moody
> UVM College of Medicine
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> I have Verizon DSL.  I have had it since May of 2001.  In that time,
> I've had three problems.  The service was down for 3 days in the fall of
> 2001.  There was a performance problem that required I force Verizon to
> change my choice for wide area carrier from Qwest to GTE in 2002.  And
> the end of September 2002, my service was "accidentally" disconnected
> and it took them a couple of days to get me reconnected.
> The people at the 800 number have been friendly, but I have felt
> frustration at the length of time it takes to make them understand the
> problem the three times I've had to call.
> Overall, the performance has been wonderful and I laugh at Adelphia's
> commercials claiming their powerlink is so much better than DSL (I know
> of Powerlink's continuing problems because my daughter cannot get DSL in
> her apartment).
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