On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Moody, Michael D wrote:
> I, too, am using Verizon DSL.  My experience is similar to Frank's in that
> the system was down for 3 days.  Otherwise, I'm very satisfied with the
> service/speed.  Working from home is not a problem (I think that's a good
> thing?).  I tried PowerLink before switching to DSL -- my 56 Kbps modem was
> faster a good part of the time.

Another person (off line) told me that he doesn't get the same speed from
his DSL as from the Powerlink. Truth be told... when Powerlink is
behaving, I've gotten up to 300kBps.. I don't EVEN know how. Not a clue.
I believe they claim it'll only be 768/128... (96/16)
The 16 up sucks. No joke about that.
DSL claims the same bandwidth speeds... but will I be sacrificing the
super fast speeds by switching? Yes, sometimes the good makes up for the
bad... but only when I'm not suffering days of irregular service.

I only live on Green st downtown.. so I'm not far from Verizon.
As for price... I got a flyer about a deal for $39.95/month with an annual
commitment... first month free when signing up online. Powerlink is now up
to $45, since we only have broadcast cable (can't really afford more).

How are hold time with Verizon? :)
I spent 30 minutes on hold Saturday night waiting for an explaination.
Even ended up teaching their tech guy something about their

Also.. is there a small print policy on transfer limits or serving?
Adelphia states a 2GB limit per month. What a joke. Sitting on a net radio
stream for a couple days could kill that.
And running a server at 16kBps up ain't much to brag about... but nice to
be able to do anyway.

I'm sure no one here uses p2p software.. ahem :) ! But does this scare
anyone either? :
Judge Orders Internet Providers To Help Trace Online Pirates
(thought it appears Verizon has it's customers held high)

do I ask enough questions? :)
I'm just less interested in making the change and thinking it was a
mistake. That free month I'd likely keep Powerlink just in case.
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