I've had Verizon's DSL since Oct 2000 and mostly it's been pretty good.
For about 2-3 months this summer it was acting up (I'd get 70% packet loss
to my first hop...) and it took forever for them to figure out that it
wasn't a problem on my end. It's also a big pricey for the amount of
bandwidth (50 bucks for 768/128. Bellsouth gives customers 1.5/512 for the
same price). Overall though, not bad.


On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Chris Moran wrote:

>I have heard that a number of people on this list might have Verizon DSL
>connections. I'm on Powerlink right now... and well, I'm getting sick and
>tired of the rediculous downtimes and am thinking of making the switch.
>Any commentary on Verizon DSL? Comparisons of actual service and uptime?
>Even my wife is frustrated with the downtime... and that says something.
>I have heard some complaints about the DSL... but they were more or less
>thanks in advance.
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