The 768/128 speed is actually Kbps.  That would mean your measured download
speed of 300Kbps is less that half of the rated speed.   An upload speed of
128Kbps is actually pretty good unless you are trying to run a server.

I use tools to measure speed, vulnerability and
configuration settings.  You can see what they have for info that might help
you tweak your system to get the best performance.  I had good luck with
their DR TCP tool for config settings.

My measured speeds range around 700-740 Kbps download and 100-140 Kbps
upload (yeah, sometimes it's higher than the rated speed) on Verizon DSL.


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Subject: Re: DSL users?

> On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Mike Austin wrote:
> > I have Verizon DSL too, and have been happy with it, especially when I
> > talk to my friends who have Adelphia PowerLink!  Download speeds are
> > consistent, almost all the time.
> I got lots of good responce... but I didn't get one thing.. NUMBERS.
> Although powerlink is supposedly only 768/128, I get up to 300KBps
> downloads often. I don't know how it's done... but it's pretty real.
> What are the actual numbers you V-DSL peeps are getting?
> 128 up still sucks... but I can deal with it for a while... Adelphia
> doesn't "allow" serving anyway... hehehe.
> I have the Adelphia guy coming today to check the signal... I did think
> it'd be great to have the self install kit for Verizon sitting on my desk
> waiting ;)
> Chris