No, my fault, missed the capital B :)

I find it more useful to compare bitrates so as to compare apples to apples
easier.  So, if I'm not mistaken, your 300kBps download speed would
translate to around 2400kbps?  Adelphia's max is around 3000, I think.

Maybe Adelphia is just using underestimates of the 768/128 speed to cover
themselves?  Perhaps you are benefiting from underutilization in your area?
Hope it lasts...


> Sorry.. I KNEW someone would read it that way.. should have been explicit.
> I get up to 300 kiloBYTE/second download on a good day.
> No joke.
> That said... ...
> As for upload speeds... I do upload file to work often... large files
> too... as for servers... I run them.. but only for personal connectivity
> and remote access... too slow for much else.