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my name is Brennan Schaefer and I am writing to inquire about support
for volunteer teaching at Shelburne Community School for the coming
semester.  I have volunteered to teach a 13-week computer course to
6-8th grade students.  The class meets after school Mondays and
Wednesdays from 3:00-4:30 (~39 hour total).

The Shelburne School is providing: a classroom, six computers and
toolkits, an after-school bus and will select several gifted students
from the list of applicants.

The six computers the school has supplied are Pentium I 166MHz machines,
and have limited functionality.  The material I intend to teach includes
practical things like repairing and upgrading computers.  For this
reason the equipment must be expendable.

If you have a machine that is a Pentium I or newer, and would like to
contribute to this endeavor, please contact me at:

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(802) 872-0281
(802) 656-2318

Alison Pechenick  Project Advisor
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Brennan       ><>

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