Right now, according to (, I'm connected at 723K (download).


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On Wed, 22 Jan 2003, Mike Austin wrote:
> I have Verizon DSL too, and have been happy with it, especially when I
> talk to my friends who have Adelphia PowerLink!  Download speeds are
> consistent, almost all the time.

I got lots of good responce... but I didn't get one thing.. NUMBERS.
Although powerlink is supposedly only 768/128, I get up to 300KBps
downloads often. I don't know how it's done... but it's pretty real.
What are the actual numbers you V-DSL peeps are getting?
128 up still sucks... but I can deal with it for a while... Adelphia
doesn't "allow" serving anyway... hehehe.

I have the Adelphia guy coming today to check the signal... I did think
it'd be great to have the self install kit for Verizon sitting on my desk
waiting ;)

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