This is so indicative of the en-vogue fear-based
thinking that we Americans acquiesce to...
We are cattle...

If we can be tried for reading some trite
material such as this, then deploy the sentinels
Agent Smith...

Quoting Greg MacKinnon <[log in to unmask]>:

> You know, Corey, I think we would all appreciate it if you would keep
> this kind of thing to yourself.  It is not so much your safety that I am
> worried about as my own.  I think I just heard on NPR that I could be
> tried as a terrorist just for reading this email.
> -Greg MacKinnon
> Corey Gilmore wrote:
> >
> >
> > It took about 5 minutes on google to turn up the page, which still has
> > full access.  Another few minutes turned up a page at (from 1999)
> > with the login information and a link to the page - with login information
> > already supplied.

Daryl Benoit,
UVM - Center for Rural Studies

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